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Published 2/18/1985

AT&T's computer operating system is threatening to take over IBM's MS-DOS dominance.

Guests: John Mashey, Bell Labs; Mark Sobell, Author; Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems; Doug Hartman, Hewlett Packard; Mike Denney, Basis; Gary Kildall, DRI

Products/Demos: File It, HP Integral PC, UNIX


Reviewer: stuman2 - - January 18, 2014
Subject: Never underestimate the power of marketing
As an early *nix adopter (Xenix in the 80's, Red Hat in the 90's, Debian/Ubuntu/Xubuntu now), I saw the power...but for the same reason VHS won out over the technologically superior Beta, MicroSoft won out. Its all about marketing. Also, the *nix variety is still not "plug and play" enough for non-geeks. You still have to hack some on the command line sometimes to get something to work. Still, my SO and some clients of mine are the ONLY reason I even have ANY MS based machines around...and most of those are VirtualBox VM's.

A wonderful blast from the past, and shows just how difficult it is to "predict" outside of marketing savvy.
Reviewer: geo-time - - December 12, 2010
Subject: Still enjoying.
Still enjoy watching the old shows that I watched so long ago.
Reviewer: mpuddleduck - - May 4, 2009
Subject: Real History
These are all well known names in the world of computers, but the most important name is the legendary Gary Kildal founder of Digital Research. This guy wrote the operating system CP/M and it is arguable that all else that followed in the mini/micro computing world is down to him. He fought a technological battle with Microsoft in the early 80's but his heart was always in the acedemic world. Sadly no longer with us.
Reviewer: n0gear - - March 10, 2008
Subject: query
ok not a review but in the beginning they do a search and it comes up with few people from helsinki finland ... and linux was made by linus from helsinki! spooky
Anyone know who those people are?
Reviewer: cyberhacker665 - - August 28, 2006
Subject: Unix rules
This proves the dominance of todays 2006 unix operating system over the 1980's ms dos
Reviewer: nolight - - August 22, 2006
Subject: Unix
it gives a little insight in UNIX and how things worked on PC 1985. Yet the view on the system itself is rather fast and does not present any deep insights.
I way quite amused of the way the commands in the shell are presented; you could hardly see something. But it is a good video, shwoing how Unix was used in 1985.
Reviewer: Carmen_de_Coghlan - - August 22, 2006
Subject: UNIX history
good footage and interviews give historical insight into the beginnings of unix type systems on the PC. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE GEMS AVAILABLE!!!

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